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Interview with Dylan O'Brien

Dylan O'Brien is the current new generation of Hollywood in a heady, first appeared in MTV hot drama "Teen Wolf" debut, and later in the box office hit "mobile Labyrinth" in supporting positive. With "Mobile Maze 2: burn marks trial," the release, his popularity could be further enhanced. O'Brien was interviewed by Time Network, talked about the filming of "2 mobile Labyrinth" challenges encountered, own entry opportunities and future plans. And unexpectedly candid Hollywood Tucao election "star" mechanism.

Mtime: Last year was the series of the Rings, the role of which have no background story, and now you think "their" figure out the ins and outs of it?

Dylan O'Brien: first, how should I say, the dramatis personae in efforts to explore who they are, as an actor I also like this. After so many crazy, painful thing, this one in the "I" burden becomes too heavy.

Mtime: In the original second section, they found his body tattoos, which seem closely related to their role, do you think this will help you understand the role or limiting the freedom to play your role?

Dylan O'Brien: That's cool, because this time, I think Thomas has been very strongly felt in his body in the end what happened. He has seen many, many recall also understand why they would be so angry. Now he feels they have a responsibility to protect the safety of the team, for him, they are like family. But I think, when those Memento suddenly surfaced in mind as the moment, he will inevitably sometimes have their own concerns. For me, the original trilogy in a very interesting point is repeatedly referred to "WCKD is good", but what they're doing? They really are "good" it? We know the film yet, but Thomas has determined that they are evil, he will not even listen to any negative assumptions.

Mtime: So, the question now Thomas to face is that they leave the maze is the right choice?

Dylan O'Brien: Yes, that is there are so many "ifs." Once you have experienced so many things, you will have a post-traumatic stress symptoms, questioning what he was doing, if not to do so would be better. Perhaps Gally is it - that the more ridiculous? In the first years, Thomas would not consider to go that way, but in this, he would inevitably have to ask yourself, "Is this choice we do?" But I think the current Thomas still feel that this choice is right. They can not always stuck in that place. But those things happen to him is undoubtedly a heavy psychological burden, especially Chuck's death. He is guilty.

Mtime: In this sense, the first major mystery is set up, and most of the answers have not yet been announced.

Dylan O'Brien: Yes, each come with me to find out people are very angry. I know the whole story frame, know the future direction, when I shot the first section, the mind had emerged out of the outcome of the scene. So I did not even realize that there is more open ending, the audience is how confused. A lot of people want me to play through. My friend told me a joke, "the film's cool, but at the end in the end is what the hell?" My response is: ah, we say it's not clear enough?

Mtime: This is the driving force to continue to look attractive part of it.

Dylan O'Brien: Yes, that's fine. They asked me the whole story in the end how is it? I usually say, when you see to know. Then they would say: Oh, so I have to go to the cinema to see the Department of piece you play? - Ah, some really good brother. (laughing out loud)

A battle for survival begins
Mtime: "Mobile Labyrinth" is a very interesting metaphor about the world in which young people's questions, and the second portion will continue after leaving the maze in front of a theme or will explore other?

Dylan O'Brien: At this point is a real battle for survival. In the second part of the original, they face great pressure, perform a complete stranger, no world boundaries. For me, the first one does have a lot of danger, but the environment is controlled. You know that if you walk into the maze at night, you will encounter monsters. But they now face is completely unpredictable, a bit like 3:00 walking alone in the streets of New York ...... In short, everything carefully. For them, this is a new situation, they must tightly hold together, we fought side by side to find the way out. A very harsh environment, and terrible - especially for me, because I take you into this world.

Mtime: What do you think motivates support Thomas?

Dylan O'Brien: I think this time he provoked the burden of the team leader, he realized he had this responsibility, even if it means continuing self-questioning. But he knew they could not be taken lightly, they must walk, because no choice --- This fall makes things a bit easier, he even do not need to choose. The first time someone else always felt that "we can stay here and have a good" But he always felt that no, we have to get this out. Eventually they found and there is no "safe haven", this kind of thing did not exist before, as Thomas pointed out. Out there who knows what? But if you can, let's go out and see.

Mtime: What is the process of filming a scene makes you feel special to reflect the theme of the film?

Dylan O'Brien: I do not know, I think I understand very shallow story, I took an attitude of ignorance into the story, in the studio, I do not want to deliberately tap the potential of metaphor and theme of the movie, I just want to be a part of that, of course, this story can do all kinds of interpretation, James joined in the original lot of ideas, readers also have their own understanding of the audience and the film has its own understanding, but I think one thing is constant , whether consciously or unconsciously, I always liked the spirit of the story, these young people to fight to the death, they will never give in, they'll get over it united, and through a variety of the world is very cool.

Mtime: Do you know exactly how it all happened? Trisha did not say what you do, just say that you did a bad thing, you know the truth? Or do you deliberately do not understand, but decided to follow the film together to discover the truth?

Dylan O'Brien: No, I know all the information and background, the book some things I had forgotten that I was a few years ago to see, but you can play through the story to understand, this is our work, both have a physical performance, but also perform the role of the heart, I can not pretend not to know, in order to show a more natural reaction, it is difficult, it must be someone to help me, self-hypnosis, let this scene play better.

Mtime: you are young, have found their own interest, which, you have something to say to other young people do?

Dylan O'Brien: Starting from their own experience, I can only say that your career could be not anticipated beforehand --- may not even realize that they are so fond of things. Maybe after you come home every day with great interest to what to do, but never thought it would and your professional associates. I happen to such a situation. In high school I spent a lot of time in the production of video, a good job every day, make time to rush to finish editing video. But sometimes I still ask myself: What should I do after work? Everything in sight, but I did not want to whither on. We are proud to be able to play as a professional. In short, for the interest and enthusiasm of the thing itself is important, do not control what it is. A lot of people have asked me "how the line" This question, my answer is, this is a very high chance of things. Early I realized that it is very important to be able to help you identify what is most important - that is one thing you want it to become a strong passion own career. I mean, maybe tomorrow is the end of the world, there will be no "film" This thing - this is not to say I will not go to start work today? Will not. You will still go play. Because you're acting itself passion and love. Do not let Hollywood impermanence of fortune to put this early heart crushed.

Mtime: As a young actor, pressures and challenges you encounter in Hollywood what?

Dylan photo, acting turned out to be pieces of fate thing
Dylan O'Brien: Hollywood's Most actors can not play on, but you can actually get a job, I did not tell you much. This is really weird. I remember my first audition, I did not get that role. I am very sorry, this thing cried. After ten times the audition, ten times refused. Not let them beat you, because this is the only way. You must know these will happen, and try not only to blame themselves. Sometimes someone else just because you happen to scenes with long brown hair - "We need this man." Then came the producers looked, "No, no, do not be so fat." Then they phoned others, finally found a thin brown hair to play. Very cruel, very subjective judgment. If you are an actor, you would not want others to judge you based on these. You will walk into the audition room thinking, try to show your understanding of the role, you are acting, but perhaps look at the other side is your clothes and hair.

Mtime: I heard that you started auditioning "moving maze" when Wes Ball is rejected, as it seems dissonant?

Dylan O'Brien: Yes, that is a perfect example. And Wes is very funny, he told a lot of people talking about this story, he said it was an important lesson he learned the first step in directing career. He began because my hair is solidly rejected me. But when filming I simply forgot that they have hair, just a scene and how the interpretation of this role.

Mtime: Since when are you want to be an actor? What motivated you to take into account this possibility?

Dylan O'Brien: "acting" the idea never entered my mind until I find the opportunity. I think that had never been seen: I try it. I found myself very much. My father was a photographer, so I'm starting from the age of 12 lived in a place not far away from Hollywood, but I've never acted before. Like student drama societies like never participated. I thought maybe the future will be engaged in it with music-related industries. The line is because those videos I shot was my agent to see, as if the same fate. Really ashamed to say it, I've found myself so like how no show yet. I used to be very shy in front of people to show their children, or even because the audience too much and did not dare to have finished the stage 90 seconds of a piano. I was a member of the high school jazz scene, will be nervous before each show sweating. So before you get "Teen Wolf," the role of acting I really have no idea. Looking back at those years he started work, to not really Sentimental, acting extremely immature, but it was fun.

Mtime: What helps you overcome this performance phobia?

Dylan O'Brien: I do not know. I also think that this situation will not occur again up. Perhaps naturally increase with experience like it. Recently I was with John Malkovich cooperation, I talk about him all day, just like God because he could. He's great, I learned as much in his thoughts. I kept asking him all kinds of questions, really quite annoying, but I really want to be as confident as he was powerful, but in this age still have a strong passion professionally. I've learned so far the most important thing is to focus on people, forget the camera, really put yourself into the story, constantly thinking about how to better performance scene. "Constantly wondering," This is my motto with Markovic learned, I think I will always remember this.

Mtime: So you like to shoot things, taking over after their own when the director do?

Dylan O'Brien: Yes, absolutely. Now say it a little bit far away, but I do want to do. So as much as I would like to shoot, shoot play, as much as possible with the best director to learn. In short, look to learn, when someday I know what you're doing, you can try to beat your own things.
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You know what I like about this blog? Yes, it's for me mostly because it's pretty private. But, there are some people who have access who might feel inclined to read about my journey. :) It's probably a good thing to help keep me honest!

Am I even doing anything to improve my nutrition?

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